Our Approach

Established in 2004 by successful businessmen, Andy Hinton and Nick Wyatt, Ailsa3 is a small investment partner with a real difference. As well as offering investments of up to £3Million, the company specialises in helping businesses that are also seeking management expertise and advice. With an impressive track record, including the sale of their own business, White Rose Environmental (WRE), Andy and Nick are able to provide crucial advice and support.

Based near Leeds, investment has been available for suitable business opportunities in sectors including industrial services and the  environmental sector. Andy and Nick have been able to offer flexible investment arrangements without the limits of a short term exit strategy, and also bring the strength of their invaluable business expertise to their investment portfolio.

In recent years, in the absence of sufficient suitable investment opportunities, Ailsa3 has concentrated finance and expertise on the property sector, establishing Ailsa3 Properties and Ailsa3 Developments Ltd. These are presently the main focus of activity.