Tyre Collection Services

Business:   Waste tyre collection and processing business  

Date acquired:   February 2006  

Strategy:   Ailsa3 acquired Tyre Collection Services (TCS) to bring added coverage and services to the Credential Environmental group, complementing its automotive division by increasing efficiency and providing consistent services to existing customers  

Outcome:   With a 16 year track record in the tyre collection business, TCS processed more than 4m waste tyres in 2005 and had a fleet of 14 vehicles. Managed from its head office in Wednesbury, West Midlands, TCS provided a rapid response service and was the only national collector to provide regular scheduled collections with its own dedicated vehicles.

The operation has now been fully integrated into the Credential Environmental business, strengthening the collection capability. The site at Wednesbury has been significantly developed and now forms a central part of the company’s processing capability.

As part of the Credential Environmental business, it was sold to Murfitts Group in December 2020.