VCU Technology Ltd

Business:   In vessel composting innovator; the ‘VCU’ (vertical composting unit) is a scalable technology that can treat up to 40,000 tonnes of waste per annum

Date of Investment:   June 2006

Strategy:   The six figure investment made by Ailsa3 gave the fund a significant minority stake and enabled the company to expand and increase production. The directors have used their understanding and expertise in the UK waste industry to help the business to generate new contracts in the UK and overseas, supporting the company’s position as one of the leading in-vessel composting equipment providers in the UK. Recent restructuring has seen Ailsa3 take a significant majority stake and Nick Wyatt take overall responsibility for the business.

Outcome:   VCU Europa designs, manufactures and installs VCU plant across Europe, in both the municipal and industrial markets. VCU was the first in-vessel technology in the UK to be accredited to the EU Animal By-Product Regulation and with 30 VCU facilities worldwide, it now has more sites than any other technology. The VCU has flexible capacity; no odour due to self-biofiltration; a vertical design giving a small footprint; low maintenance; and it delivers a high quality end product.

The company has completed seven new facilities over the past few years in the UK and overseas. The UK market for composting equipment has slowed in the UK in the past couple of years but continues to develop in Southern Europe and further afield.

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